Title: Melo
Year: 16 April 1931
Genre: Melodrama
Location: Ethel Barrymore Theatre, New York
Presenter: Lee Shubert
Writer: Henri Bernstein
Adaption: Arthur Pollock from the French of Henri Bernstein
Settings: Settings by Rollo Wayne
Staging: Marcel Varnel
Cast: Edna Best (Romaine Belcroix), Basil Rathbone (Marcel Blanc), Earle Larimore (Pierre Belcroix), Ruth Abbott (Christiane), Marion Wells (Jeanne), Harry Davenport (Dr. Remy), Fuller Mellish (Priest), Stapelton Kent (François), John Worthington (Professional dancer), Pierre Vistaud (Gigolo), Henriette Douvier (French woman 1), Marie Maurier (French Woman 2), François Amiard (Maitre D'Hôtel), Robert Nobel (Man 1), Arthur Stenning (Man 2)
Critique: "Shortcomings of Melo can in no way be laid to its cast. Miss Best's interpretation is cool, crisp, sensible. She redeems a part which might very well become wretchedly maudlin. A sort of British Hope Williams, her outstanding U.S. successes have been in The High Road and These Charming People. Basil Rathbone, smooth, slick, debonair, slides through his role with his customary facility." (Source: Review in Time magazine, April 27 1931, page 49)

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