The High Road

Title: The High Road
Opening: September 10th 1928
Closing: January 1929
Total performances: 144
Location: Broadway
Category: Comedy
Opening Night Production Credits; Producer: Charles Dillingham, Writer: Frederick Lonsdale, Staged by: Frederick Lonsdale
Opening night cast: Edna Best (Elsie Hilary), Alfred Drayton (James Hilary), Winifred Harris (Lady Minster), Frederick Kerr (Lord Trench), Herbert Marshall (Duke of Warrington), Edward Martin (Morton), Lionel Pape (Sir Reginald Whelby), H. Reeves-Smith (Lord Crayle), Nancy Ryan (Alex), Hilda Spong (Lady Trench), MacKenzie Ward (Ernest), John Williams (Lord of Teylesmore)

Note: It was during the run of the play that Edna Best and Herbert Marshall married.

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