Michael and Mary

Title: Michael and Mary
Year: 1931
Run time: 76 minutes
Genre: Drama
Credited cast: Herbert Marshall - Edna Bestís husband (Michael Rowe), Edna Best (Mary Rowe), Frank Lawton (David Rowe), Elizabeth Allan (Romo), D.A. Clarke-Smith (Harry Price), Ben Field (Tullivant), Margaret Yarde (Mrs. Tullivant), Sunday Wilshin (Violet Cunliffe)
Director: Victor Saville
Producer: Michael Balcon
Credited writers: Lajos Birů , Angus MacPhail, A.A. Milne (play), Robert Stevenson
Cinematography: Leslie Rowson
Editor: Ian Dalrymple, John Goldman
Country: UK
Visual format: Black and White
Sound format: Mono

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